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15H | Ethically responsible trading in diamonds, coloured gemstones, pearls and corals – Dos and Dont’s

Speaker: Rui Galopim – CIBJO – The World Jewellery Confederation

With increased focus on ethically responsible trading practices, CIBJO – The World Jewellery Confederation, has recently published a best practice manual for the trading of gem material jewellery products and loose stones.  The document, which has also been translated into Portuguese by the official CIBJO delegate in Portugal, the Portuguese Association of Jewellers and Watchmakers (AORP), aims to contribute to improving transparency and ethically-responsible professional practice in the selling and marketing of diamonds, gemstones, pearls and precious corals, which is essential to maintaining consumer confidence in jewellery products and the jewellery industry itself.

The Vice-President of CIBJO’s Sector A, Rui Galopim de Carvalho, will present the manual and demonstrate its pertinence in light of current challenges regarding gemstones that the sector is experiencing. This manual is a simplified guide that does not replace the standards published in the CIBJO Blue Book. Instead it provides assistance to those selling diamonds, coloured gemstones, pearls, precious corals and/or artificial products (e.g. synthetic gemstones), on understanding the obligations they have toward their customers, as well as recommended supplier interactions, encompassing the entire supply and value chain.

Download the document in Portuguese from the AORP site.

Comércio ético e responsável em diamantes, pedras de cor, pérolas e corais - O que fazer e o que evitar
Ethically responsible trading in diamonds, coloured gemstones, pearls and corals – Dos and Dont’s

16H30 | International documentation – permanent and temporary export

Speaker: André Costa – Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP)

Understand the CCIP customs documentation for permanent and temporary export. Permanent Export – Certificate of Origin for easier international transactions! Did you know that an electronic certificate of origin is now available? That you no longer need to use paper for origin verification? It’s now possible to use a certificate of origin in electronic form that can be validated by the importer.                                                                                                          Temporary Export – ATA Carnet Don’t waste time at customs! Did you know that every time you move goods outside of the European Union temporarily, you have to have documentation for them? This document, called the ATA Carnet, works like a passport for your goods and is internationally recognised in more than 110 regions / countries. Some of their many advantages are in enabling companies to do business, save costs and avoid unnecessary bureaucracy.

Documentação internacional – exportação temporária e definitiva”
International documentation – permanent and temporary export


11h30 | UniqueMark: an innovative method to create and authenticate a unique mark on precious metals artefacts

Speaker: Doctor Nuno Gonçalves

The UniqueMark project concerns a system intended to create a unique and unequalled mark on precious metals artefacts and to build a system to validate the authenticity of this mark. The project has established two different ways regarding those marks. On one hand, the unique mark may be created through punching over a dispersion of diamond particles on the surface of the artefact which, in practice, is unequalled, as the presentation of the particles results from a random chaotic process. On the other hand, an alternative process to create an unequalled mark can be achieved marking the artefact with laser using a deterministic drawing described by a specific mathematical function having such effects on metal that the exact reproduction of the same laser drawing is easily noticeable, creating therefore a unique and unequalled laser mark. The project also includes a system to check the authenticity of the mark using a digital microscope or the camera of a smartphone with a magnifying lens. This authenticity verification is based in minutiae of the mark which are saved for each mark. The UniqueMark marks, applied by Assay Offices (3 patents pending), can then be used by producers, consumers and authorities to protect the counterfeit products and track objects throughout their life.

UniqueMark: an innovative method to create and authenticate a unique mark on precious metals artefacts

15h30 | “Online vs Offline – behind the scenes with a digital brand”

Speaker: Mel Jewel

Marta and Luísa are the names, the brains and the hands behind Mel Jewel, a Portuguese jewellery brand that first launched at Portojóia 2016 and won the award for Best Online Shop in 2018.

Graphic designer and jewellery designer respectively, the pair came together to realise their dream of creating a jewellery brand that today has customers from around the world, including the USA, UK, Italy and North Korea.

In “Online vs Offline – behind the scenes with a digital brand” they will share their journey, demonstrating how online shopping is the future, but it must go hand in hand with offline activities, which are essential for building relationships with customers.

“Online vs Offline – behind the scenes with a digital brand”

16H00 | Sustainability in the world of fashion

Speaker: Ana Costa – Fashion Catalyst
Speaker: Marita Moreno – Rota Criativa
Moderator – Fátima Santos

The Sustainability has become a core theme in Fashion and is shared in several forums encompassing media articles, Instagram feeds from influencers and “capsule collections” of fashion brands.

Recent studies show that consumers are increasingly more aware and concerned about social and environmental responsibility in the Fashion Industry. But what are the Sustainability foundations and what is their true meaning?

Ana Costa is going to share the “Sustainability in the World of Fashion” Vision from “Fashion Catalyst” presenting a 360º systemic point of view of the Textile Industry, the basics of Circular Economy, and the unavoidable transition of the Sustainability theme to Responsibility and Regeneration. Marita Moreno, creator of her own brand, joins this sustainability trend presenting the “Creative Route Project” intending to generate an integrated network of incubation centres for artisans oriented to the promotion of traditional and regional arts and crafts

19H30 | Shortlist of the Watchmaking Awards Watch Yearbook

Every year the Watchmaking Awards recognise the best timepieces in different categories, released/presented during the year. The Watches and Pens Yearbook aims to promote the watchmaking industry, brands and representatives in Portugal, recognising the important contribution it makes to the country’s service sector and luxury market, in particular.
The Watchmaking Awards has the following categories:
Watch of the Year, Complication Award, Best Men’s Watch, Best Ladies’ Watch, Best Sports Watch, Best Design, Best “Daywear” Watch, Public Award, Special Jury Prize
The 2019 Watchmaking Awards winners will be announced in November at an event at the Hotel Tivoli Palácio de Seteais in Sintra.

Short-list do Grande Prémio de Relojoaria Anuário dos Relógios

Shortlist of the Watchmaking Awards Watch Yearbook

20H00 | Best of Awards

Portojóia is once again rewarding the talent and creativity of the sector with the 2019 Best of Awards. Already in its fourth year, this award recognises design and innovation and will select winners in the following categories: Career Award, Breakthrough Designer, Breakthrough Student, Innovation Award, Best Display, Best Physical Shop, Best Online Shop, Best Display Stand and Best Stand.

Prémio Best Of
Best of Awards


18H00 | “Dar ao Pedal”  Taking the Initiative – Team Building – Training and Behaviour Management

Orador: Jorge Sequeira

A breathtaking ride through the essential soft skills, as represented in acrostic form in the letters of the Portuguese event title “Dar ao Pedal”. The ‘D’ stands for Doubt, encouraging participants to question processes and attitudes in order to transform and improve them, not as a one-off action, but a continuous practice throughout their lives. ‘A’ is for Ambition, always striving to be better; ‘R’ is for Rigour and so it continues through each of the letters, from Autonomy to Optimism and finally to ‘L’ for Luta (struggle), referring to the concept of resilience. What underpins success? How can we learn to take more initiative? These are just some of the behavioural topics that will be addressed; identifying the key competencies for driving action-oriented projects to achieve exceptional results.

Prof. Doutor Jorge Sequeira

“Dar ao Pedal”  Taking the Initiative – Team Building – Training and Behaviour Management